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ScanTech EMF Inspections

Joel-Anthony Gray:  CIH, BSEE, MAC, AARST-NRPP Certified

Joel-Anthony Gray has been performing EMF / RF and Cellular Tower surveys in the DFW area for nearly 20 years and has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Minor in Nanoscience Technology. He is also a Certified Radio & Instrumentation Technician with an A.S. in Electronic Telecommunications.

Additional training includes X-Ray and Radiation Safety Officer Training as well as additional coursework including Engineering Physiology of the Human Body, Biomaterials and Medical Devices, Organic Chemistry and Advanced Microbiology in the pursuit of an additional degree in Biomedical Engineering.

ScanTech Technical Consulting is a specialized consulting firm that deals in virtually any form of energy field or energy field concerns from equipment interference to radioactivity and environmental air concerns such as indoor air quality testing including radon gas and formaldehyde level testing for safety. Over a thousand surveys have been performed since 2002 for many satisfied residential and commercial clients.

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    1. Did anyone contact you? I need an EMF test at my home as well. Please let me know if you found someone, because I read ScanTech no longer does residential.


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